Thursday, November 5, 2009

Corrales New Mexico horse properties

As I was driving through Corrales yesterday, it seemed everywhere I looked I saw people out enjoying their horses.  With the warm temperatures, it's great to see people taking advantage.  The ditch system throughout Corrales and the Valley is really ideal for the horse lover.  You can have a home on an acre, and unlimited trails to ride.  The Rio Grande Bosque along the river is ideal in the summertime as the cottonwood trees shelter you from the sun.  This time of year, riding in the sun can be preferred to stay toasty warm as you go. 

Yes, Corrales has many residents who also have other animals... in the past month I've seen Water Buffalo (and babies!), goats, sheep, quail, camel, ducks and geese.  It sure is great living in Corrales and feeling a part of the rural nature, yet right next to the bustling city.

Homes in Corrales vary from those down by the Rio Grande River to those with spectacular views up on the hillside.

Looking forward to sharing Corrales with you.... Tracy

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